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~Valentine Science~
Colored Celery Bouquet
(Everybody wants a Bouquet of Colored Celery!)

Supplies:  Food Coloring, Glasses, Celery

What happens?  Cause celery leaves to change color and when your friend  
carefully cuts the stalk they will see the colors in the celery veins.  (Blue works

  • First carefully cut an inch off the bottom of the celery.  
  • Fill your glasses with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each.
  • Take your celery sticks and drop them in.  
  • Watch what happens over the next few days.

Explanation:  Have you ever wondered how plants absorb water?  Water moves
up the celery tubes through a process called "capillary action." Capillary action
allows water to be pulled through the thin tubes because the molecules of the
water are attracted to the molecules that make up the tube.  (It's kind of like
magnetic water!)

The water molecules at the top are pulled up the tube and the water molecules
below them are pulled along because of their attraction to the water molecules
above them.

Safety: Be careful using knives.  Have a grown up help you and watch those
Colored Celery Science
Valentine Science Experiments